Support for Ukrainian Refugees

Apply for a Grant

Ely RRC  is able to offer one-off grants of up to £50 to help Ukrainian refugees in Ely and surrounding areas for an identified  purpose. This might be for a bus pass, help buying a moped, equipment for school,  or money towards a necessary training course, for example. The purpose of the grant money should be in line with our charity’s aims of advancing refugees’ education and training or to assist them to adapt and integrate within a new community.

Please note, we won’t be awarding grants for aid that is currently being offered by other organisations, such as providing clothes and furniture for new arrivals or SIM cards. 

In the first instance we would ask for sponsors to apply on behalf of their guests by filling in the form once they have arrived. Where possible we will pay the money directly into the guest’s bank account although we appreciate that this may not always be possible and that speed may be important.

Please do discuss the application with your guest first to ensure that you have their permission to share their information with us.

If you have any questions feel free to email us at, or to call 07880656818.

Grant Application Form