Petition to restore language support for UK driving test candidates.

Ahmed, the father of one of the families we support is a skilled carpenter and has been driving to work using his International Permit. That has now expired and to continue driving he must take the UK driving test. His English is not yet good enough to tackle the theory test but he could pass it easily with an Arabic voice-over to assist him.

Until 2014, UK driving test candidates could take the driving theory test with translating voice-overs in non-national languages. Following a flawed consultation this facility was withdrawn. The removal of language support for driving tests is impacting on those attempting to settle in the UK and means that with no transport Ahmed has had to quit his job. There will be a big impact in particular on the cohort of 20,000 refugees being brought in by the Government under its ‘Vulnerable Person’s Resettlement Schemes’.

Please sign our petition to get the government to reassess this policy change:

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Refugee Week Quiz Night

Come along to our quiz night! It’s a great opportunity to meet the small working group of ElyRRC, to test your general knowledge and to help raise funds so that we can keep providing support for our two wonderful families! The Facebook event page is here.

Seeking Refuge: An Interactive Journey

Ely RRC invites you to an interactive event to mark the anniversary of the Syrian war.
St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Street, Ely – 2nd March, 12-4.30pm

Imagine you could walk through a refugee camp in Jordan and experience first-hand what life is like for its inhabitants. Imagine you were faced with deciding the safest way to get your family to safety in a war-torn land.

Ely Refugee Resettlement Campaign will be offering you the opportunity to experience these things yourself on 2nd March in an afternoon of virtual reality events and interactive activities. 

Using an Oculus Go and a Google Cardboard we will be showing two powerful ten-minute films that aim to bring the refugee crisis home to the residents of Ely through immersive story-telling. With refugee poetry, quizzes to test your knowledge, case studies of real-life experiences and activities for the children this will be a thought-provoking and inspirational afternoon.

Poppy Pearce, founder of Ely RRC and co-organiser of the day said “we are very excited about this event. As the Syrian civil war enters its ninth year we felt this was a good time to reflect and understand better what life is like for millions of displaced people.  Advances in virtual reality have really helped humanitarians tell a story that is compelling and provokes genuine empathy.”

Visit our Facebook event page

Acts of Kindness for Refugee Week

Refugee Week (18th-24th June) is celebrating its 20 anniversary, and this year they are asking people to do small acts of kindness to help spread love throughout the community.
There are some suggested actions on our Refugee Week page. From simply writing a letter to one of our families, to reading about the detention centres here in the UK, you don’t have to do much to help make a difference.
Please comment, spread the word and let us know what you chose to do to show that Ely cares!