Write to your MP

Please take the time to write to your MP (Lucy Frazer in Ely) to let them know that the residents of Ely are willing and eager to welcome refugees.
You can get all of the contact details for your MP and local councillors here.

Personalised messages are best, but below is an Ely-specific template that you can start from. Do let us know if you receive a response.

In light of the atrocious attacks in Paris, I am writing to let you know that as an Ely resident I am as committed as ever to playing our part in welcoming refugees. The attacks were a powerful reminder of exactly the type of violence and fear many refugees are fleeing. Our work, to stand by the best of British values, of offering sanctuary to those in need of protection, is more important now than ever.

I appreciate that the lack of housing stock is a potential stumbling block to resettling refugees in Ely and I understand that you have been trying to find out whether the empty military houses can be used – thank you for your efforts so far on this. Are you any closer to getting a final answer from the MOD? As this is vital to any plans I am obviously anxious to get a decision as soon as possible, just as, I am sure, you are.

Finally, would you be willing to support the idea that we should resettle at least 50,000 people as fighting in the region intensifies in the wake of the Paris attacks? I know that the UK’s financial response is one that we can be proud of, but I do believe that resettling refugees is an essential response to this humanitarian crisis.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.