Refugee Week

Acts of Kindness
Refugee Week (18th-24th June) is celebrating its 20 anniversary, and this year they are asking people to do small acts of kindness to help spread love throughout the community.
There are some suggested actions below. From simply writing a letter to one of our families, to reading about the detention centres here in the UK, you don’t have to do much to help make a difference.
Please comment, spread the word and let us know what you chose to do to show that Ely cares!

1) Take a look at our families’ wishlist

Donate something small from our two families’ wishlist to brighten their day. While the council provide the basics, we try and ensure that they have those extra little things that make them feel happy and at home.
(Contact for more information on how to donate)

2) Share your favourite local spots
Write a letter for us to deliver to our families, welcoming them and letting them know your favourite thing to do in the area. Ask your children to do the same.
(Email with your electronic letters or for more information on where to post hand-written)

3) Raise £10 to help us to continue supporting our families
At your next meal with friends, social club meeting etc, ask everyone if they would like to donate, for example, £2 each.
We are a small group of volunteers and even the smallest amount makes a difference to our ability to provide the families with things they need as they settle in and become more independent.

4) Read or watch a film
Strengthening Asylum has this list of 13 powerful films about refugees
Or try this list of books from the Guardian
Get your children involved by watching/reading Paddington Bear stories.

5) Learn a few words in another language
Saying a few words in someone else’s language is a great way to make them feel welcome.
Here’s a list of commonly used phrases and words in Syrian Arabic.
Or learn how to say hello in lots of languages, so that you can welcome people from all over the world!

6) Send a card
For Refugee Week’s 20th birthday, we’re inviting you to add your message to a giant welcome card for people who are using the services of Refugee Week partner Migrant Help.
Tell those starting again after losing so much that you are thinking of them and want to welcome them to the UK.
(Email with your electronic letters or for more information on where to post hand-written and we will send them on to Migrant Help)

7) Cook a meal
Take a look at these Syria-inspired recipes to cook for your friends, family or at your next dinner party. (Perhaps combine this with action 2 above and ask for a small donation!)

8) Let the decision makers know that you support refugees
CitizensUK have a petition that you can sign.
Follow Safe Passage’s Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with how leaving the EU will affect the Dubs Amendment. They will let you know how and when you can put pressure on the Government to keep this vital route for children open.

9) Learn about what is happening in our own country.
The government has by and large been generous and supportive in this crisis, but there is still much to do in the UK. Yarl’s Wood detention centre in Bedfordshire, housing predominantly women, has been plagued by controversy.
The ‘Why We Are Needed’ tab on the Yarl’s Wood Befrienders website has lots of information about the detainees and how people can help.

10) Come to our quiz!
A great opportunity to meet the small working group of ElyRRC, to test your general knowledge and to help raise funds so that we can keep providing support for our two wonderful families!
The quiz will be on 21st June, 7.30 at the Kings Arms, Ely.